Find Your Super

You can find out who your super is with by logging into MyGov. When you login to MyGov you will need to link your account to the ATO to be able to see your superannuation details.

MyGov will usually tell you the provider and the balance of your super fund, but not your division, investment option or member number. If you need any of this information you can generally find it on your annual super statement, logging into your funds online portal or contacting your fund.

You can consolidate your super by:
1) Select a new super fund and when you are setting up a new account, you can request the fund to consolidate all your accounts into your new account or,

2) Select from your current funds you have which one you believe is best for you and then contact the fund to have them rollover all your super into that account or,

3) When you login to MyGov there is an auto consolidate feature that allows you to do it yourself.

If you have multiple super accounts and decide to consolidate them there are a few things to consider as well as ways to do this.

Before consolidating you super funds you need to understand the impact of cancelling your insurance policies with your other super funds, which will happen automatically upon consolidation.

You are likely to have default levels of life, disability or income protection insurance already if you have a super account. When you setup a new super account your insurance cover normally becomes effective in that new fund when it receives your first super contribution. Therefore you may find yourself in a situation where you do not have insurance cover as your existing fund policy got cancelled when you consolidated and your new fund's insurance policy hasn't taken effect because they have not received a super contribution. A way to potentially avoid this situation is to only consolidate your existing fund once your new fund has received your first contribution (assuming that you have default cover). Some super funds also allow you to transfer your insurance cover from one provider to another. If you are even unsure please contact a licensed financial advisor or your super fund as usually the first piece of advice is free.